Welcome to the website of AH Industrial Electronics...

AH Industrial Electronics is an automation and control specialist. We design, manufacture and install innovative solutions to address manufacturing control automation and systems integration challenges.
Our team of qualified and experienced system engineers bring together over 20 years of experience in designing, building, fabricating, installation and commissioning of control systems.
We operate in all economic sectors but are particularly well established in the diamond manufacturing industry as well as the paper and pulp industry. We can assist you with induction furnaces, hip furnaces, horizontal grinders, vacuum systems, tissue processing, tissue handling and packaging, chemical processing and a variety of presses. We also have experience in a number of maintenance techniques.
AH Industrial Electronics was established in 2003. During the decade of our existence we have systematically developed excellent quality management systems, established a track of winning projects across Southern Africa and earned a loyal client base.
AH Industrial Electronics is committed to providing fast, efficient and friendly service. Our workforce operates in a cohesive, efficient & safe manner. We are a group of passion-fuelled people with a single purpose: to build the absolute best control systems in the industry.
At AH Industrial Electronics, we understand that integrity, security, confidentiality and reliability are the keys to success in this business.
We welcome you to find out more about us!!